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KOL Management from beginning to end

Pharma Gnosis KOL Engagement Management for MSLs – Medical Science Liaisons, MedComm – Medical Communication Agencies, Medical Affairs, and Pharma Sales Reps.

Identify, Map, Segment, Plan, and Engage with the top Key Opinion Leaders and today’s Digital Influencers that best align with your strategic and tactical objectives.

Plan Live, Virtual, and Hybrid Engagements from One-on-One and Dinner Meetings to Advisory Boards and Speakers Bureau Programs.

Keep notes and save documentation for the KOL directly with the person’s record. You can also keep your meeting notes and other documents with the meeting record.

The Pharma Gnosis Leaderboard lists the top Influencers, Researchers, Publishers, Speakers, and any other Custom Metrics you define.

Search, Rank, and Segment with your own Custom Scoring Rules.

The Pharma Gnosis Graphical KOL Mapping tools link leaders by publication, clinical trials, social activity, and more.

Pharma Gnosis aggregates Research, Publications, and Payments data from:

  • Open Payments.
  • Publications.
  • Research.
  • NPI registry and other government data sources.

Pharma Gnosis aggregates Social Activities from X, YouTube, Instagram, and other Social sites, plus News, Reviews, and Ratings from Public Health and Personal Profile Sites.

KOL Management

The first step of effective KOL Management is ensuring you’re working with the most appropriate KOLs – those in line with your strategic and tactical needs.

KOL Management cannot look at an individual KOL in isolation from their peers and without consideration of the broader context — your KOL Management strategy must consider not just each KOL but your entire KOL portfolio.

KOL Mapping is a method of identifying KOLs beyond simply identifying a list of obvious prominent candidates. It includes Quantitative analysis to determine an individual’s reach and influence. For instance, the number of speaking engagements, published research, and social media reach. It reveals the KOLs that are influential in the communities important to you and aligned with your needs.

Quantitative analysis alone may not narrow down the appropriate individuals for your needs. Qualitative examination, such as the actual activity and involvement specifically in your area of interest, to pinpoint the right KOLs to achieve your goals.

Engagement planning involves taking all your information, insights, and knowledge on KOLs and arriving at engagement/touch-point plans for each KOL (based on strategy, tactics, benchmarking, segmentation, influence, available internal resources, and other factors).