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Pharma Speakers Bureau from beginning to end

Manage all aspects of Pharma Speakers Bureau Program Logistics, Budgets, Expenses, Speaker Contracts, Speaker Utilization, and more. Quickly capture all honorarium, meals, travel, and lodging TOV for Open Payments Reporting.

Hosting Pharma Speakers Bureau Programs

The sales rep selects the type of Program: live, virtual, or hybrid, their preferred speakers, dates and times, and preferred venues if the Program is live. The Pharma Gnosis Program Wizard walks you through the steps.

Once the Regional Manager approves the Program, Planners confirm the Speaker, Dates, and Venue, and you can begin recruiting people for the Program.

An invitation PDF is automatically created and saved with the Program for handout and distribution using your custom template. Also, a Program Registration web page is automatically generated, allowing people to self-register for the Program.

Money from the Budget is automatically allocated to cover the Speaker’s honorarium and other expected expenses based on Program Type and Speaker Agreement requirements.

Sales Reps and Planners can start the Program, and you can easily capture Electronic Signatures for everyone who attended, including walk-ins. Plus, you can track attendee meal acceptance for Open Payments reporting.

When the Program is over, you can upload receipts that are saved with the Program, and the Sales Rep can complete a custom compliance questionnaire if required.

Attendee Thank You Emails are automatically created, and the attendees can complete custom surveys for the Program.

Compliant Pharma Speakers Bureau Programs

Compliance is a top priority for all aspects of drug development. No company wants to run afoul of regulators at any point, whether a pre-clinical study, post-market monitoring, or any stage in between.

The same holds for Speaker Programs. While usually intended to educate the medical community, Speaker Programs could give rise to liability under the federal Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) and False Claims Act (FCA).

There are several essential compliance considerations for a Pharma Speakers Bureau:

  • Adherence to regulations. Pharma speaker bureaus must comply with a range of rules, including the US FDA’s regulations regarding promotional materials, the FCA, the AKS, and the Sunshine Act. All speaker activities must comply with these regulations.
  • No off-label promotion. Speakers can’t promote drugs for uses not approved by the FDA and must only speak to approved drug uses.
  • Fair balance. Pharma speaker programs must present a fair and balanced view of a drug’s benefits and risks. Speaker materials should be reviewed to ensure that they are honest and balanced.
  • Transparency. Under the Sunshine Act, companies must report certain payments and transfers of value to physicians. Any payments made to speakers must be reported accurately and promptly.
  • Monitoring and auditing. Pharma teams should monitor speaker programs by conducting audits to ensure compliance.

Each Pharma Gnosis Speakers Bureau is configured uniquely for the Speaker Agreements and Cancellation fees, Compliance Rules, and Aggregate Spend reporting requirements for Open Payments and Sunshine Act compliance.