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KOL Engagement ManagementPharma Gnosis

Identify and Engage with top Key Opinion Leaders in Pharma and today's emerging Digital Influencers that best align with your strategic and tactical objectives.Sign-in / Sign-upPharma Gnosis

KOL Management from beginning to end

Pharma Gnosis KOL Engagement Management for MSLs – Medical Science Liaisons, MedComm – Medical Communication Agencies, Medical Affairs, and Pharma Sales Reps.

Pharma Speakers Bureau from beginning to end

Manage all aspects of Pharma Speakers Bureau Program Logistics, Budgets, Expenses, Speaker Contracts, Speaker Utilization, and more. Quickly capture all honorarium, meals, travel, and lodging TOV for Open Payments Reporting.

Gnosis Speakers Bureau for Agency Planners

Agency Planners can run and manage all aspects of the Speakers Bureau Programs, ensuring a complete and successful event.

To begin with, Planners can configure and manage the bureau Speakers, their Profiles, Training Records, Engagement and cancelation Fees, Contracts, Documents, and more.

Planners also configure the Program Types, Live, Virtual, or Hybrid, with Meal Limits and other Attendee Compliance Rules.

Planners manage the Role-based Content Repository of approved Presentation Decks, Invitations, Training documents, Speaker and Attendee Automated Emails, and more.

Agency Planners also configure and run Aggregate Spend for Open Payments reporting.

Gnosis Speakers Bureau for Sales Reps

Run Live, Virtual, and Hybrid Speaker Programs easily from any device.

Communicate with partner Agency Planners your preferred Speakers, Dates, and Venues based on Speaker availability.

Co-host and Collaborate with other Salesforce Members on shared Programs.

Download auto-generated Program Invitations for handout and distribution with the URL and QR code to the auto-generated Registration Page for the Program.

Easily capture from any device Program Attendance with Electronic Signatures and Meal acceptance opt-out for transfer of value Open Payments reporting.

Upload paper receipts, sign-in sheets, or any other Program-related documents from mobile devices by simply taking a picture.

Complete a Compliance Questionnaire or Post-Program Survey, and Attendees are automatically sent a Post-Program email to take a Survey if configured.

Gnosis Speakers Bureau for Regional Managers

Pharma Area and Regional Managers can oversee and manage the Budget, Programs, Speaker Utilization, and more through Gnosis Speakers Bureau Executive Dashboards.

Approve and Decline Programs submitted by Territory Sales Reps.

Manage the Salesforce and Budget as a Tree Grid where you can easily see the total budget allocated, committed, and available across all Areas, Regions, and Territories.

You can quickly allocate and move money between Areas and Regions or configure Gnosis to auto-allocate money as required based on Program Engagement Type.

Gnosis Speakers Bureau for Speakers

Gnosis Speakers Bureau allows the Speakers to Accept or Decline Program Invitations and View their Speaking Engagements from any device.

Speakers can quickly and easily access the approved Presentation material and create Personal Slide Desks from Approved Modules.

Speakers can View and Update their Profile Information, provide personal travel preferences, and block out dates when they are unavailable, which is used when scheduling Programs.

In addition, Speakers can also monitor their honorarium and expense payment history.